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Hi, I’m Erik North, owner and founder of Free Energy Maine.

This blog grew from those questions that I get asked frequently during energy audits. The goal is to answer those questions in (mostly) non-Martian language.

If you want some great discussions between energy pros check out these sites.

Auditors, builders and engineers go 12 rounds discussing the merits of deep energy retrofits, grades of vapor retarders and wall assembly drying capacities AKA serious building geekery:

Building Science – Home to serious building research and Joe Lstiburek, building science’s foremost energy grump.
Green Building Advisor – GBA is a great collection of information and writing on current housing science.
Energy Vanguard – Energy Vanguard has a great audience of energy pros. Check out the comment threads. One note is that they are based out of Georgia and deal with A/C & cooling load issues more than the heating issues we deal with in Maine.

At Energy Auditing Blog, we try take the meat of some of those discussions and answer common homeowner questions in an uncomplicated manner.

I graduated from the Maine State Housing Authority’s Residential Energy Auditor program and the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) Building Analyst program and am a member of the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals (MABEP).

I’m also fortunate enough to have been a guest blogger at Green Building Advisor and participate in the monthly discussion group at Maine Green Building Supply, home of the Pretty Good House.

Free Energy Maine is based out of the Southern Maine which means I run into a lot of old and poorly insulated houses. I’ve performed hundreds of house energy audits and answered thousands of homeowner questions about insulation, heating systems, ventilation and weatherization.

My life long passion about energy and efficiency has coalesced into a simple belief:

Why pay for wasted energy when you can use less and save money?

In other words: The best bill is one you don’t have to pay.

Contact Us:

Free Energy Maine, LLC
Erik North, owner
PO Box 1247
Westbrook, Maine 04098

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