Are McMansions Dying Off?

by Erik North on February 10, 2012

Are McMansions Dying Off?


One truism of efficient building is that smaller is the easiest way to make something more efficient and green. Building a McMansion then slapping on the efficient and green is a lot like the proverbial ‘makeup on a pig’. It’s an energy disaster to begin with and who would want to live in a place nicknamed, ‘Garage Mahal’?

Meg and I picked an 1100 sq ft Cape Cod when it came time for house shopping. In part because it was in beautiful condition with quality materials and construction and also in part because smaller is just easier. More efficient, easier to clean…easier (caveat, this opinion may change by a few hundred sq ft once children come into the picture).

News comes around today that we may be part of a trend in changing attitudes toward home ownership. In this article from The Atlantic, they show the first down turn in preferred house size in…basically forever. This isn’t guaranteed to continue after the economy recovers but if it does, it’ll make efficient home construction that much easier.

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