Can Ceiling Fans Save Money?

by Erik North on October 23, 2011

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Ceiling fans are incredibly popular and add an elegant look to most rooms. The popularity of great rooms and cathedral ceilings coupled with myriad design choices make ceiling fans a great option to fill what may otherwise be a dreary ceiling space. But can ceiling fans save money?

Beyond the aesthetics, properly run ceiling fans can help reduce your energy use and save you money. They are incredibly cheap to run especially compared to your furnace or air conditioning system.

A ceiling fan can make you feel more comfortable in the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning. During winter monts, they can circulate warm air, decreasing the amount your heating system runs.

Can Ceiling Fans Save Money – During The Winter

During winter months, warm air floats upward, buoyed by the stack effect and it is looking to escape your house. A ceiling fan can help assuage some of their heat escaping. Set the ceiling fan to run clockwise, producing an updraft. The warm air collected along the room’s ceiling will be forced out and down along the outside walls.

When operating a ceiling fan during winter, don’t forget to adjust your thermostat. Each degree you lower the thermostat will save approximately 3% in your heating bill. The warm air formerly lurking at the ceiling will help keep you more comfortable once its circulating the room.

Can Ceiling Fans Save Money – During The Summer

The same logic applies during the summer. Run the ceiling fan counter-clockwise. The goal is producing a comfortable down draft breeze which will cool off folks lounging about on a sweltering summer day.

The soothing breeze created will take the edge off on the warmer days. Homeowners feel more comfortable and you can edge the AC settings up a few degrees. This will save you money on your electric bill just like adjusting your thermostat did on your heating bill.

Can ceiling fans save money? They have become a mainstay of modern homes for aesthetic reasons. But when used correctly (and that is the overwhelmingly important point) they can help you shave a few percent off your energy bills year round.

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