What are the Different Types of Insulation?

by Erik North on July 20, 2011

types of insulation


I thought I’d collect links to the various insulation articles in one place. Here.

And here they are:

Fibrous Insulation

Cellulose, fiberglass’s cousin.

Cellulose can be applied in different ways; one is dense packing.

A plucky little contender on the insulation scene, fiberglass.

When fiberglass isn’t scratchy enough, there is rockwool.

Particle Insulation

The many issues with asbestos.

OK, technically (well, actually) asbestos and vermiculite.

Zonolite was a brand of vermiculite insulation commonly used through the 70s.

Perlite is structurally similar to vermiculite but has never been associated with asbestos.

Solid Insulation

The foil faced insulation boards you walk past in Lowe’s, polyisocyanurate.

The larger, flat version of your Dunkin’ Donuts cups, XPS Foam Board (or ‘blue board’).

(Updated) The un-dyed version of XPS foam board above, this is the packing peanuts we all love to send to other people. EPS Foam Board (or ‘bead board’).

Structural Insulation

SIPs are Structural Insulated Panels. Awesome name. And here’s a link.

When re-siding a house, homeowners have a snazzy choice in insulated vinyl siding that nearly works.

Spray Foam Insulation

And finally, spray foam.

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Lisa July 21, 2011 at 6:50 am

NICE post about different types of insulation.


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