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by Erik North on April 25, 2012

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I haven’t settled on a good pic for the links pages…so until then, I’m putting up whatever looks cool.

First is a shout out to the alma mater, University of Minnesota, which has developed a more advanced technique for storing renewable energy. Go Gophers!

The List
Electric coolness…An all-EV Chevy Volt – [Gas 2]

TED Talk by Donald Sadoway about energy storage – [TED Talks]

A panelized PassivHaus in BC – [Jetson Green]

So you think you know energy audits? Not by a long shot – [Energy Vanguard]

A write up of an audit of a 111 year-old house – [Home Energy Pros]

Insulating under the concrete slab – Building Science-style – [Building Science]

Your house has several giant energy-losing holes…this is one of them – [Energy Vanguard]

Getting back to electric hot water? It’s the air source heat pump – [Green Building Advisor]

Window Restoration 101 – [Begala Windows]

Should you do HRV or ERV in New England? – [Home Energy Pros]

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