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Is R-Value Dead as a Dodo?

by Erik North on November 28, 2012

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    Once upon a time, house insulation meant an extra sweater and stop your damn complaining. Men were men, women were women, and cats and dogs were cats and dogs, I assume. There were heat retention and heating features built into houses, things like double back plaster walls or central chimneys. But until the […]


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  Like wind washing, thermal bridging is something folks mention all the time during audits (meaning they NEVER ask about it). But what is thermal bridging and why do I keep bringing it up when my customers just want new windows? To understand thermal bridging, you need to understand your home’s wall assembly and the […]


What is R-value

  When you shop for insulation, they are listed with different R-values. What is R-value and how the heck does it affect how well the insulation works? Do you save more money with a higher R-value? How is R-value calculated? (Answers: Measure of an insulation’s thermal resistance, yes, yes and very carefully by smart people […]